Lucas Antics install wraparound mural

Lucas Antics have designed a mural wrapping around the internals of the Folly’s structure highlights the biodiversity and uniqueness of the area that the Folly inhabits.

Lucas Antics “Our inspiration for this Project was taken from worlds much smaller than our own. We wanted to expand on ‘other worlds’ and what happens when you take time to stop and look at the creatures between the grasses and the buttercups. We love that every insect has its own unique voice
and story to tell.

We also incorporated everyday ‘weeds’ into the celebration of life and have taken foliage common to this area of the cyclepath. Hopefully our mural will bring a sense of fun and humour to honour these tiny heroes. Expect spiders on tall bikes, acrobatic slugs, a trumpet playing snail and some chaotic cockchafers.”

Lucas Antics has also produced a colouring book packed full of their local critters. Download here.